4 House Staging Tips That Sell

Making your home look appealing is one of the most important things you can do to get your house sold, so you’ll likely need some house staging tips. We have more information on home staging than we could probably ever fit on paper, but there are a few broad strokes that will work wonders for your buyer’s interest levels.


Everyone thinks, “cleaning is a no-brainer” but we are talking specifically about clutter. Unfortunately for most, their prized possessions are actually cluttering up the look and feel of the home when we do a showing. Our advice is to start thinking about the home from an outside perspective, that of the potential buyers.

When you come into a home that you’re looking to possibly purchase, you typically don’t want to walk into a cramped looking home. Over time, the things we accumulate end up just taking up a significant amount of space that would be better left open for maneuvering. This is something that you should do for anyone coming into your home.

Opening up your home by decluttering the knickknacks will allow them to do two important things mentally: believe the home is bigger than it is, and start imagining their items cluttering everything up! That may sound silly, but it is exactly what people want to do when they purchase a home to make it feel like their own.

Make It Neutral

The color of your paint and decor can actually go a long way. These days, a lot more colors are considered to be neutral because of their ability to work well in any setting. I grew up with off-white walls, but nowadays tans, honey, and soft blue-greens have made a lasting mark on home staging decor.

One thing to note, the appeal of the home seems to go down with overly bright colored walls. This could be for a number of reasons, and honestly, research into the matter isn’t too clear, but for whatever reason, it acts as a repellent. So when you’re sprucing up your home, keep the colors warm and inviting rather than shocking and eye-catching to keep your interest levels higher.

Mix Your Walls Up

We mentioned keeping the walls simple for a great reason, what the color of the walls doesn’t do, artwork can! As far as house staging tips go, some well-placed artwork is a heavy hitter. Oddly enough, buyers often remember a home by a particular art piece, and even if the home doesn’t come with it, they mentally pretend it does.

The takeaway here is, use art to your full advantage. Buying different shapes of canvases like original and split canvas, contrasting themes, and unique color schemes to put in the rooms of your home is an absolute must. The eye appeal will increase the interest of any buyer.

A word of advice: if you don’t have any artwork and want to purchase some, get the help of your realtor to keep things looking classy. They also may have staging artwork, and that is a great option. Not only is it faster, but it’s more cost effective.

The biggest advantage to buying beautiful pieces yourself is that you get to keep them for your new home and keep that in mind when you’re shopping as well. These paintings should look good, but also be something that you’d want to see around every day in your new home.

Be A Little Odd

This is one of those house staging tips that makes you wonder how much time people put into researching the subject, but odd numbers sell better than even numbers. At least, when it comes to decorating your home for a staging. Why this is, we aren’t sure, but the fact is that it does sell.

Performing two showings with the same home, when the number of items on a table setting was changed from even to an odd number, it was better liked by clients. This seems to be the home staging secret that has eluded many people trying to do it on their own. It’s still a hard to believe fact, as most people prefer to buy items in round numbers. The proof shows, however, that even though we’d rather buy four plates, we’d rather see five items on a coffee table.

We Want To Help You!

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