5 Signs You Are Terrible at Marketing Your Home

Buying and selling property is so common nowadays that you can find houses for sale in newspaper advertisements or even on Facebook. The price of a property may be a large factor in whether you’re able to find a buyer.

Nonetheless, marketing plays a huge role as one of the deciding factors, and you just might be doing it all wrong! Read on to find out why you may be bad at marketing your home.

1. Using a badly photographed image of your home

Have you ever seen a blurry picture of a house and thought to yourself “I would love to buy this house”? Probably not.

Most potential buyers generally do an online search of houses they would like to buy in certain neighborhoods. The first thing that would catch their attention is visuals. A good photo is crucial if you intend to make a sale anytime soon.

A good photo is not necessarily just a high-resolution photo, though it helps a lot. You also have to photograph various parts of the house.

Prospective buyers want to see not just the front or the back of the house, but also the bedrooms, the living room, the kitchen and even your swimming pool if you have one.

This is a real example of how you should market your house.

2. Failing to leverage social media

Digital marketing is, no doubt, one of the most efficient ways to sell anything, including your house. Instead of spending your time liking photos of cute puppies on Facebook, you should use Facebook as a platform in marketing your home.

There are a few ways to do this. You can join Facebook groups that are solely for buying and selling of property. More precisely, if your property is in California, you should find a specific group for properties in California. Doing so will get your house listed in the eyes of targeted prospective buyers.

Another way to market your home is through Facebook advertisements. A great thing about Facebook ads is that you can target an audience of your choice. This means that ads can even be displayed based on locality, which narrows down your audience. Furthermore, Facebook Ads is quite cheap to use. A mere $10 can get your post to reach thousands of users. If you want to succeed in selling your house, a small investment may be necessary.

3. Not putting a proper signage

Listing your home for sale on social media, or on websites like Craigslist is only one form of promotion. You should implement physical advertising as well. You would want your neighbors to know that you’re selling your home by putting on proper signs. Word of mouth spreads faster than you may think. You never know if your neighbors are itching to buy your house as an investment property.

Furthermore, signs can be a useful way of marketing your home, especially if there are people driving by the neighborhood looking for a new place to stay. Sometimes, all that you need to make a sale is the right timing.

4. Failing to perform home staging

Firstly, if you want your house to look favorable to potential buyers, you need to de-clutter. Listing your home for sale is only the first part. The next step is letting potential buyers view your home. If you wouldn’t want to buy a house that looks like a hoarder owned it, more likely than not, buyers won’t want to either.

Tidy up everything that does not look presentable. Rather than keeping everything, throw away items that you no longer need. As a rule of thumb, if you haven’t used it for a year or more, get rid of it.

Apart from getting rid of clutter, you should also get your house repainted and your interior done by a professional. Having a proper home staging done by a pro increases your chance of selling the house by a large margin.

5. Choosing the wrong real estate agent

Getting a real estate agent is the common thing to do if you have no idea how to sell a house or its procedures. However, not all agents act in your best interests. You need to find someone whom you can trust and rely on as you may need to work together for a few months.

It may be better to find an agent who has at least a few years’ experience though that’s not mandatory. You should interview several agents to determine who the best fit for the job is. You must also ensure that the agent has the requisite license issued by the relevant state.

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