5 Tips To Stage Your Home for Sale in Rancho Santa Margarita

Making a decision to stage your home for sale is important to attract a potential buyer and helps to sell faster. Real estate agents advise anyone putting up a house on sale to stage it so as to attract and appeal to more potential buyers, showcase the best assets of the house and to ultimately close the sale to the highest bidder!

Here are 5 key tips to remember when you stage your home for sale in Rancho Santa Margarita:

  1. Landscape the Exterior

The home exterior is the first thing the potential buyer is exposed to. The impression the buyer gets when they look at your house exterior pushes them to further make the crucial decision. It influences their decision to have a look at the interior and to seal the deal.

Ensure that the hedges, flowers, lawns, and trees are properly maintained. Clean the entryway and trim the grass in the backyard. You can create an attractive porch with fresh paint to attract potential buyers. Make the exterior as beautiful as possible as this can allure prospective buyers.

Hang an easy to read house numbers for the ones driving by. Illuminate the front walkway with beautiful lighting fixtures to make it appealing even at night.

  1. Declutter and Clean the Interior

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The interior is as important as the exterior. Keep the house clean and sparkling and get rid of any unnecessary items in all the rooms. Clutter can be a huge turn-off, and so it’s imperative to ensure all the rooms are decluttered, clean and organized.

Potential homeowners will be attracted by the look of the rooms. This may also involve reducing furniture in the living room, removing clutter from countertop and top of the toilet.

Empty all trash cans, scrub the tiles, clean the pantry, and tidy the cabinet interiors. Ensure that the appliances are presentable and change if need be. Pack up all dishes and arrange them nicely. Ensure that you clean the fireplace.

  1. Depersonalize the House

This involves removing anything that has a personal attachment to you. Remove wall hangings and family photos in the rooms and entryways that create a personal touch with you. Pack and hide toys and hide all other personal items you own. You can hide the kitchen supplies too like the toaster and the refrigerator if they are especially personalized, otherwise leave them, so they get an idea what it will look like with their appliances.

  1. Decorate the Home

Use neutral colors to paint the walls. Add a fresh coat of paint to remove stains and preferably invest in a new doormat that welcomes the buyers. Remove all wallpapers and use paint instead as different people have different tastes and preferences.

Use attractive lighting fixtures to create an appealing ambiance. Ensure the smell of the rooms is good by removing anything causing bad odor like pets or smoking in the house. Remove all pet beds and furniture. Remove used carpet and opt for hardwood floors as it is elegant.

You can use ceramic tiles or stone in the kitchen and bathroom if you can afford.

  1. Make Final Touches

Ensure everything is in order and that nothing can cost you a potential sale. Make sure the house is warm and inviting by opening the windows to let in fresh air into the house. You can use air fresheners or cinnamon sticks and fresh flowers to add an aesthetic touch on the day of show. Also, avoid cooking on the day of showing unless it’s baking because that can leave a pleasant aroma.

Home staging is beneficial to both the home owner and the potential buyer. The buyer wants a place they will spend less effort, time and money to settle in later after purchase. The homeowner can use home staging to make the house more appealing to the potential future homeowners.

However, be moderate about the cost of staging as this may alter with your budget.

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