Top Performing Schools in Mission Viejo

Location, location, location. We typically think of that in terms of where to place a business for maximum visibility and exposure to traffic. But it also means that buying a home in the right location can give your children a wonderful public education. There are 78 schools located in the Mission Viejo area, and they enjoy high educational rankings in the state of California. At the Kovacs Connection, we know as potential homeowners, you are interested in how the schools rank, so we thought we’d give you the latest stats for schools in Mission Viejo.

Here is the list of the Great Schools Rankings for individual schools in Mission Viejo.

Good schools start with great teachers, and teachers want to work here. For example, in just 3 days, the Capistrano Unified School District had 278 applicants for teaching positions. Below are a few comments from parents from an elementary school, an intermediate school, and high school. These are representative of all the schools in the Mission Viejo area, but will give you an idea of the quality of instruction and the parents’ feelings about their child’s education here.

Parents’ Reviews for De Portola Elementary School

“We’ve been through three excellent principals during our time with De Portola. Each principal brought a unique perspective and personality to the school, and I feel that my students have thrived with each change. Have there been bumps in the road, yes – but when we personally encountered one, the principal at the time took his time to work with us to find solutions and made sure that we were all a team working for the best solution for our student. We couldn’t have asked for a better response.”

“My daughter transferred to this school in the beginning of 3rd grade, too late to be tested for GATE for that year. She thrived in GATE during her 4th grade year earning top honors throughout the year. Transferring from Anneliese Academy, a small private school, to de Portola was the best decision we’ve made for her education and sociological development. I’m proud to have my daughter at de Portola and I’m grateful for the opportunities she’s been given.”

“De Portola fosters both strong academics and a great community environment for the students. There is great parent involvement to pull off a number of fun events throughout the year…”

Parents’ Reviews for La Paz Intermediate School

“It has been amazing! I was really concerned with my son going to middle school but this has been so organized that my son has done very well there, and he has made good friends.”

“My 8th grader has really soared at this school. He went from average grades to all A’s and a few B’s. It is obvious how much the teachers enjoy teaching by their enthusiasm and my own student’s development. The parent involvement is pretty great. Those parents who are involved put in 100% and put together: International Day, 7th grade Renaissance Fair, Zombie Fundraiser, etc.”

Parents’ Reviews for Capistrano Valley High School

“I love this school! My boys have had a great High School experience and I couldn’t be happier. The staff is always very helpful, our principal has an open door policy and genuinely cares for our students, and we have had great experiences with the teachers that my boys have had.”

“CVHS is really an amazing school that is a source of pride here in Mission Viejo. The biggest gem is the guidance department. My son’s academic advisor did everything should could to take care of my son and he will be attending UC Berkeley next year after a great educational experience in the AP Program at this school.”

“I am a parent of a Freshman at Capo and am thrilled my daughter is attending this school! The academics are challenging, the teachers are motivated to teach, and the Principal takes an active interest in the students. I’ve also received wonderful support form the Guidance department.”

We know that if you have children, or are planning to start a family, that the school district is a huge determination in where you buy. Our Kovacs Connection Team are experts in knowing the best schools in Mission Viejo and can pinpoint you in the right direction, so call us today!