Why You Need to Know How to Stage Your Home

Selling a home has several factors that come into play, but knowing how to stage your home is one of the most important aspects influencing buyers. This may seem counterintuitive because what you really want is a fully functional house that will fit your needs for years to come.

Using Emotions

When you know how to stage your home, you tap into the buyers’ emotions. What we mean is, they see your home as something that the like and want because it is decorated in a way they wish their home will be. By appealing to their desire for a home like yours, they tend to favor your home over the others they’ve seen.

Even if the look isn’t exactly what they want in their household, the use of new and professional looking staging furniture will open their mind to what the space in your home is capable of. Instead of going into your property and seeing how things don’t match their needs, they’ll see what they would do to give it their own flavor.

It doesn’t matter where your home is located, appealing to your buyers’ emotions is the difference between selling your home and having endless open houses.

Opening Up Space

Considering is important when you’re planning how to stage your home. You want the furniture and décor to make your home appear bigger and more open. More often than not, people who do their own home staging overlook this critical element.

What we tend to see is because they aren’t going to be ready to move out until they sell the home, they don’t rearrange or remove items that clutter the look of the house. This is a huge mistake!

Everyone loves the unique twists that they put on their home to make it feel “homey.” Sadly, not everyone will like what you do with the place. We’ve seen some seriously wacky interior designs over the years, which is awesome when you’re living in it, but not when you’re trying to sell it.

When figuring out how to stage your home, remember that people may not have the same likes or interests as you. Knowing this, it might be a better idea to go with a professional to decorate your home, so it has a positive impact on the buyers first impression.

You’ll Sell Faster!

It has been tested for years, and a recent study shows that professionally staged homes spend up to 72% time on the market! That is a huge amount of time saved when you’re just ready to sell and move on. This means everyone makes more money.

When homes sell quicker, you can put your earnings toward something sooner, and your realtor will work less time to provide you with the service you wanted. This means everyone wins, and everyone is winning ahead of schedule!

The other reason most homes sell quicker is that knowing how to stage your home will get you higher quality offers. This is mostly because when you have appealed to the emotions of your buyers properly, they develop a “must have” mentality.

What we mean by that is, they will usually meet your asking price or shoot right around It instead of low balling you. Even better, when done right, you might have multiple buyers entering bids that might put you above your asking price!

This is the dream situation, and an excellent staging can be the difference between getting your asking price and above, or taking what you can get.

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