Home Staging Tips to Sell in Under a Month

One increasingly common situation we are encountering lately is clients asking for tips to sell in under a month. The reason isn’t always the same, although it’s often a job promotion in a different state or country, the necessary result is.

When you are put on a strict time limit to move on to your next location, you need your home to sell swiftly so you can stop paying a mortgage on a property you don’t even live at anymore.

Here are some tips to move your home in under a month that we have seen great success with:

Store Your Belongings

You’re going to be moving anyway, so why not just get all of your stuff put away? Let’s face it; no one likes your stuff as much as you do. Besides, a stranger looking to buy your home probably won’t appreciate your oversized foam finger collection, and it takes up a ton of space!

Get your stuff into storage as soon as possible. It will get you ready to move, and it will get you ready to sell. A good realtor will be able to stage your home with their furniture that will play up the features of your home while exaggerating the elegance of it.

This is what you want, a home that catches the eye and imagination of the buyers.

While we are on the subject, if you have already moved all of your belongings out, it might also be a great idea for you to follow suit. If you are heading somewhere for a promotion, try to get over there as soon as you possibly can to look for a new place.

This might mean staying in a hotel for a little while, but the big picture is that the realtors can get your home sparkling and set up with the staging furniture way sooner. This means they can also start your showing much earlier.

This may sound like a temporary setback, but having your home sold in a few short weeks will completely wipe away the difficulty of the situation!                                       

Home Repairs

Getting your home into storage wasn’t an easy task, but it will make finding out what services your home needs much easier. This is one of the most valuable tips to sell in under a month because very few people want to move into a house that isn’t ready to be lived in immediately, besides home flippers.

It’s best to sink the money into repairs instead of allowing the buyers to talk you down on your price because of all the work that needs to be done. Doing the repairs yourself also gives you a better understanding of what the new value of your home is, and it’s a great to list “$12,000 in recent upgrades” for the folks looking to buy your home.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels

Everyone seems to look at the bathrooms and the kitchen with more scrutiny than the rest of the home. While the answer as to why will vary from individual to individual, the fact remains that a quick upgrade will wow all who enter your home.

Upgrades don’t need to be substantial, but they should attempt to show off the bathroom and kitchen. Giving both rooms new fixtures, polishing, and if you can afford to upgrade the countertops and flooring will instantly transform the room and have buyers asking “how much?!”

Sell Appropriately

We know you love your home, and it has been great to you, but the fact of the matter is you can’t factor your sentimental value into the price. No one wants to pay over the market price, but between the repairs and remodeling, you might be able to do just that.

This doesn’t mean you’ll be getting $300,000 over what it’s worth. In fact, you might have to take it for under what you want to move the home quickly. If you might lose money from what you originally bought the home for, ask yourself if the new job is worth the loss.

Often, moving for a career opportunity will reward you in hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of your life, especially if this is just the first promotion of many. If you stand to make a considerable amount of money due to this move, then relax! You may be taking a hit up front, but you’ll be richer for in the long run.

If you’re interested in more tips to sell in under a month, contact us by giving us a call us at 949-350-0146 or emailing us at Debrakovacs@cox.net or realestatebyrana@gmail.com and we can help you get your home sold today!

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