How Should I Paint My Home For Sale?

Making your home for sale as attractive as you possibly can should be number one on your to-do list! Why? Because no one wants to look at an ugly house, let alone buy it!

The good news is, your house can be lacking in a lot of ways, but if it is given the right facelift, you’ll find that most people can start looking past the faults and see the home as their next potential house.

White Picket Fence

There’s a reason why this is the ideal home for most people; it’s incredibly appealing to the eye! This is the easiest way to make your home appear clean and new from the outside and give potential buyers a positive first impression.

This is also a good way to hide the imperfections of the home, for example, if you have signs of weather-related aging or growing mold, a fresh coat of paint will help soften them. Some might say this is false advertising, but it isn’t because they’ll still have the inspection to make sure that there are any significant issues with the home.

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When you combine this with a trim that makes the house stand out, and a new roof (if needed), then you’ll be much more attractive to buyers. After all, everyone wants an impressive looking home that doesn’t require any roofing jobs on their end!

Stay Neutral Inside

Bright colors have a tendency of backfiring when you’re trying to sell. For some reason, it doesn’t attract buyers, and if you get the wrong color scheme for a particular person, all they will see is the amount of work that will go into painting over it!

Do yourself a favor and stay with the neutral colors when you’re trying to sell. However, it’s good to remember that when you get your new home, you can feel free to spruce it up to your liking.

If you’re going with the neutral colors, stick with cream colors, they’re not overpowering and can be easily changed when they move in.

Shades of Grey

The key to using greys for your interior when putting your home for sale on the market is to know your area. For example, a highly suburban area probably won’t attract buyers that are impressed by the use of greys.

On the flip side, if you’re selling in a trendier area, like near a fashion district or a bustling nightlife scene, the use of greys will go a lot farther. The reason for this is that grey adds a very urban, hip, feel to the space.

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When you combine those greys with the right furniture, the urge to buy will be strong for the right person!


Going with earth tones will breathe life into your house, especially if you’re using the creams in your home that we mentioned earlier. The greens, blues, oranges, browns, and some reds are ideal for living rooms and dining rooms.

The trick is to use the colors lightly, for example, use a light shade of brown for the wall and incorporate the other colors in your furniture choices. A good example would be a blue couch with some orange pillows and a few plants.

The colors aren’t going to stand out and hurt the eyes because they seem more natural when used in combination. The main reason for this is that they often appear together out in the wild. Seeing them together in a home adds an attractive but rustic feeling to it

Go Green

Greens can do wonders for moving your home for sale. The only thing to be cautious of is going to dark or light. Doing this will either make them appear brown or blue because they’re so dark or wash the color out and make it seem yellow. Hitting the mark somewhere between those can really bring rooms to life.

The effect of green can be felt the best in rooms with hardwood flooring, a good amount of lighting (so a big window or a few small ones on different sides of the room), and white trim. This will add a soft and cozy feeling to the room.

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Another idea is to incorporate these in your bathrooms. You don’t need to make all of the walls green, or even the entire wall green. Half white and green walls in a bathroom can really create a pop to a bathroom that also makes it feel cleaner and friendlier.

If done tastefully, this can breathe fresh air into any room!

Still Not Sure?

Figuring out the proper paint and furniture scheme for your home for sale in Coto de Caza can be difficult. Finding someone with the right experience in the field is going to be a game changer.

If you need some other ways to spruce up your home for sale, call us at 949-350-0146, or email us at  and we’ll help you with fresh tips that will help you get out of your home today!