How to Locate the Top Realtor for Finding a Home Near You

Getting the perfect new home isn’t an easy task, which is why you need to hire the top realtor for finding a home in your area right away. But just how do you find the top realtor when each and everyone claims to be so great?

There are a few ways to separate the best from the rest that we think will really help you out with your search.

A Long Time in Business

It may not be the absolute best marker because it is unfair to the newer realtors who might be incredible, but it is effective. Real estate agents that have been in business for a long time are successful; otherwise they would be out of business.

There is one obvious drawback to using this method we should mention, however. It isn’t just the company they work for that you should be paying attention to, but the realtor themselves. If they work at a big national real estate company, and they have been a realtor for 12 years, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve been with them for 12 years.

Find out if the realtor you are considering has been with the same company for a while or if they have been bouncing around from place to place. It may just happen that they are new to this company and could have a poor record previously.

The opposite may also be true, but find out through casual conversation how long they’ve been around at their current company.

In the smaller realty companies, particularly with the name of one or more realtors in the company name, it’s usually a pretty safe bet that if they share the name is on the door that they are good. The only way to get your own realty company is by making a good amount of money doing exactly what you want them to do in order to afford to get their business started.

The Credentials to Prove It!

When it comes to finding a home, a top realtor will likely have gotten some awards along the way. When you meet with them in their office, all you will have to do is look around. Most will have their license and awards posted all around on the walls.

Those that have quite a few awards on display usually have a good deal of skill, as they don’t just hand them out to everyone. Don’t get us wrong, if they don’t have awards all around that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But having some awards is undeniably a huge bonus!

You may also want to quickly walk around the room and take a look at all of the awards. We’ve never heard of anyone putting up fake awards to impress potential clients, but these days you can’t be too careful.

While you’re taking a look around, check to make sure the license is real and everything is up to date. Again, it doesn’t hurt to be careful.

Ask Your Friends

We know you’ve probably heard to ask for a referral a thousand times, but we suggest only asking specific friends for their recommendations. Who do we think is the best to ask? The friends of yours who have bought and sold a house at least once if not multiple times.

Knowing people who upgrade their home every few years or that flip homes is a great source of information. If they have a trusted realtor in your area, you can be pretty sure that they are at the very least up to the challenge.

The friends that don’t live in the area might be able to ask their realtors opinion about who to go with in your area. The real estate world may seem huge, but for the most part, it’s actually a pretty tight knit community. This is great news for you!

Since everyone knows each other, it is a pretty sure bet that your realtor will either know the top realtor for finding a home in your area, or know who the best is. This is an excellent way to slim down the competition without having to do a lot of legwork.

You may want to ask your parents or your neighbor with the house slightly better than yours, but if they haven’t done multiple real estate transactions, don’t bother. They will usually point you in the direction of their real estate agent, and they might not even know if they actually did a good job or not.

Still Not Sure?

The top realtor for finding a home in your town will likely be the top at selling homes as well. That’s because they will usually be the best, and have the best team working with them.

If you’re looking for the top realtor for finding a home near you, call us at 949-350-0146 or email us at or and we’ll help you get a home today!