Seller’s Market: Ways to Sell Your Home For Top Dollar

Shoot Me On My Best Side

You’ve heard it said, ‘You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.’ That’s why if you are selling your home during the winter months, it helps if you have photos of your home at its best. Have you taken any pictures of your home when the flowers are blooming and the grass is green? If so, be sure your trusted real estate agent has seen them, in order to incorporate them into the marketing of your property.

As to photos of your interior, be sure they don’t have holiday decorations in them, as they will have a longer marketing shelf life come mid-January.

Clutter Be Gone!

You’ve got to get rid of the unnecessary stuff! You’ll have to do it when you move anyway, so why wait? Getting rid of clutter can help potential buyers see the real space available in your home. Don’t skip this step once you have decided to sell. Some people hire home stagers to declutter, and get your furniture in the exactly the right spot to showcase the ‘bones’ of your home. Your potential buyers need to envision themselves in the space, and your darling family photos need to be tucked away for now. Our experienced team of real estate experts can help you figure out what needs to go, or be stored, in order to show your home at its best.
Now Where’s My Paintbrush?

Once the clutter is gone, your real estate agent can help you assess what needs to be fixed before putting your property on the market. Is there chipping paint? Cabinet doors that don’t close well? Stained carpet? All of these, and other things, underscore a home that is not well-cared for. So do your bank account a favor, and invest in a little elbow grease time and handyman time to give you a better outcome at closing time!

Selling Your Home When The Price is Right

One of the biggest mistakes home sellers make is pricing their home too high for the market. If it is out-of-bounds with the comparable home prices in the area, buyers will pass it up, meaning your home sits more days on the market. More days on the market mean less interest in the property, or low ball offers when they think you may be desperate. That’s why our team at The Kovacs Connection takes all the variables into consideration when discussing the price of your home. You want a good, fair price for your home, and we can help you get it!

Don’t Forget Curb Appeal in the Winter

If you’ve taken pictures of your home during the most beautiful times of the year, that’s great, and will be a bonus to people checking out the agency’s website listings. But don’t forget about curb appeal. If a buyer is interested in your home, he or she may drive past it soon. So be sure your property looks well taken care of. Shrubs need to be trimmed, any weeds pulled, if there are hearty flowering plants like pansies or ornamental kale to plant, they can bring a freshness and color to your entryway.

Illumination Can Be a Deal Maker

Remember, most people coming to see your home will see it after work, which in the winter time means coming at dusk or after dark. If your home’s exterior is dark it will be a ‘turn off’ for the potential buyer. Make sure your exterior lighting is inviting, and illuminates the walkways to make it easy for your buyers to approach the property ‘in its best light.’ You can buy solar-powered lights that you can strategically place next to the steps up to your home that is a luminescent ‘welcome mat’ to your property.

Go Get Some Coffee

Finally, your real estate team at The Kovacs Connection have honed their skills to showcase your property at its best. There is a tendency for some home sellers to stick around during showings. Don’t. It makes the potential buyer uncomfortable, as if they are interrupting you at home, and it can steer them away from giving your home the attention it deserves. So enjoy that cup of coffee and wait to hear what the potential buyers have to say!