How Marketing Your Home Will Help You Sell Faster!

For most of the working class, the biggest asset they own in their life is their home. And when times get good for us, the next asset to invest in is usually a bigger home! For most of us, the sale of our current property is the number one factor in the purchase of a new one.

A lot is riding on it, and if your house is not going for a good price, then there may have to be a change of plans. This is why properly marketing your home is crucial!

It’s not just the price but the timing too. If your old house doesn’t sell within the decided time frame, you may not be able to make the payment on a new house, and someone will beat you to it. So before you start a down payment on a new place, you need to settle payments and other things at your old place.

In comparison, buying is much easier than selling. When you buy, you have in mind what you want, but when you sell, you need to dig deep to find that sales pitch, which not everyone is good at. This is where realtors come in. They have professional sales experience which will sell your home faster!

Here are a few tips on marketing your home that will better your chances of a quick sale:

1. Beautify What You Are Selling.

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A thorough cleaning and a well-maintained house will always sell faster. A fresh coat of paint or any other small renovation which brings your home in simply ‘move-in’ condition will guarantee a quick sale.

2. Photograph Your Home.

If you aren’t that familiar with a camera, then let a professional do it. Get some good shots and market your home online for a quicker sale. Most real estate agencies do the job themselves.

3. Find The Right Real Estate Agent.

There are tons of real estate agencies, but not every agency can get your work done for you. Yes, it is a tad bit pricey than just doing it yourself, but there is a good chance that they will get you your price for a small commission.

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4. Set A Reasonable Price.

This is a no-brainer. You can get a real estate evaluation done and then set your price, and a realtor will give you an idea of what your property can fetch you.

5. Get To Know The Real Estate Market Conditions At The Present Time.

Where the housing market stands plays a huge role in making a sale. Perhaps there may be a better time for marketing your home. This is why a professionals’ opinion will be valuable.

One thing that you need to do before you hire a realtor is this: research your real estate agent thoroughly. In a world of social media, it is not hard to dig around for feedback and reviews. Make sure the agency you hire has a good percentage of successful sales, happy clients, and the competency to market your home well.

Another benefit of hiring a realtor is to delegate the tedious task of handling all the paperwork. So if you don’t have the time, you can just hire a realtor who will manage all of that for an all-inclusive fee while you enjoy packing up, saying goodbye to your old home and move into your new one.

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The Best Home Staging Tips to Sell Your Mission Viejo Home During the Fall Season

Fall Can Be Your Friend

Typically, the best time to sell your home is during the summertime. But many people who are looking to buy in Mission Viejo look all-year long for the right house. So this fall, it’s important to showcase your home at its best, so you can get the best deal at the closing table. So our team has packed up a few home staging tips as a guideline to get the most looks at your property. Yes, we know it’s a lot of work, but you need to pack it up anyway, and this gives you a head start while increasing the value of your property


Need we say more? Yes! We can all become blind to the clutter around us.

  • Pack up your books, clothes and personal items and place them in the garage or storage unit.
  • Family photos, the kid’s artwork on the refrigerator, all of it has to go.
  • Clear out your closets! Donate what you don’t wear to charity.
  • Have a dim light? Exchange it for a brighter one.
  • Do your doors open easily? If you’re hearing creaking, fix it.
  • Hire a professional cleaning service to deep-clean your home before it’s listed.

Home Staging Tips Room by Room: Living Room

Potential homebuyers have likely seen several homes before yours. How do you make your property stand out above the rest? Space and cleanliness. The living room is usually the first room they see, so make sure it looks terrific.

  • If there is a dark corner, light it up with a lamp.
  • If the fireplace has seen better days, scrub it clean.
  • If the room looks cluttered, remove the furniture that isn’t necessary to make it look bigger.
  • Keep the room simple, with a splash of color here and there.

The Kitchen

Yes, we know this is the room you most dread to clean. But a kitchen can sell a home or kill a deal, so it’s worth your time to invest in this arduous task.

  • Box up all the dishes, flatware, cookware and glassware except one matching set.
  • Have your cabinets seen better days? Think about a fresh coat of paint or stain.
  • Honestly evaluate your appliances. Need a good cleaning? Need to be replaced with stainless steel?
  • Scrub grime from backsplashes and cabinets.
  • Clean out the pantry, leaving some empty space: makes it look bigger
  • All trash cans need to be emptied and put away


The bedroom is, by nature, a personal space. However, when you are putting your home on the market, it needs to be a place where potential homebuyers can visualize it as their personal space. So that means taking care of a few things:

  • Pack up all the clothes you can to make your closets look more spacious.
  • Get a set of matching hangers to create a sense of balance and order in the closet.
  • Take away the knick-knacks that scream male or female.
  • Put your jewelry and other valuables away
  • If you have a video game console in the bedroom, put it away to create some serenity


Just like the kitchen, bathrooms can get grimy, and you may not even notice it. But a potential homebuyer who walks in certainly will see it all. To get an offer on the table, consider these tasks to make your bathroom a happy place.

  • Pull on those rubber gloves and let’s get some elbow grease working to de-grime the area.
  • Re-caulk around the tile if needed
  • De-clutter (there’s that word again) your countertop, around the tub, inside the shower.
  • Throw away, pack up or store your personal products.
  • Create a luxury spa feel with soft towels, candles and plants
  • Make sure the toilets aren’t leaking or running
  • If you have hard water stains try using vinegar to remove them

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