4 Ways to Make Selling a Home in Coto de Caza Faster and Easier!

In today’s real estate market where supply is slowly beginning to outstrip demand, selling a home in Coto de Caza isn’t nearly as easy as it used to be in the recent past. No need to panic, though!

Just because the balance is currently slightly tilted in favor of buyers, it doesn’t mean you cannot earn a hefty profit from the sale of your property. Just try and implement the following tips for generating interest in your real estate investment and boost your chances of getting the best price possible.

1# Get rid of all the clutter

Removing all the clutter before giving potential buyers a tour of the property is important for obvious reasons. Don’t forget that whether you are selling a home in Coto de Caza or elsewhere, you likely won’t be able to convince a buyer if they are unable to picture themselves in that space.

This includes removing all the junk, including some of the unnecessary furniture from the living space, and storing them in the garage. Note that getting rid of the clutter doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to empty your home of all your belongings and replace them with staged furniture instead. We have explained this in a previous article as well.

Simply put, while staged furniture can be great, they are not a convenient option for many house owners. Also, more often than not, they leave your home a bit too planned.  A better alternative would be to keep (and possibly rearrange) some of the furniture to give your property a balanced blend of personal and professional look.  Among other things, this approach will ensure that potential buyers get a rough idea of what it might look like if they were to move in there with their belongings.

2# Make it stand out in the neighborhood

Most people overlook the importance of making their property stand out from the rest of the neighborhood while selling a home in Coto de Caza. In order to differentiate your home and attract attention, consider having custom designs and additions such as high-grade windows, landscaping, or a new roof.

The idea is to enhance the aesthetics of the property as much you can without investing a fortune. In addition, any such enhancements will also ensure the ROI by adding more value to the home. Just make sure that whatever improvement you make is practical and makes use of designs and colors that easily appeal to a wider audience.

If possible, make the partial renovation to complement the amenities inside and around the main building. Just to put things into perspective, these may include building a patio or deck next to the backyard swimming pool (and other such features).

3# Show your home to potential buyers in a ready to move in condition

Important as it may be, aesthetics alone do not usually suffice while selling the idea of a “forever home” to a potential property buyer. Equally important is the state of readiness of the house. That’s why real experts recommend double-checking that the doors, electrical connections, appliances, and plumbing fixtures are not just in working order, but also in compliance with existing building codes.

By doing so, you will be able to emphasize the point that buyers will be able to move in almost immediately rather than having to spend a lot of time and money to get things sorted out. Needless to say, that’s a major bargaining point you can use to your advantage while selling a home in Coto de Caza, or for that matter in any part of the world.

4. It doesn’t hurt to sweeten the deal a bit

Offering freebies or terms that may sweeten the deal for buyers is another proven tactic of expediting the sale of real estate assets. Just try to do so without making too many compromises on your end.

For example, it is often seen that sellers who offer to pay credit worth a couple of thousand dollars or so toward closing costs can wrap up the deal quicker. Alternatively, some successful transactions also see the seller offering to pay 100% of the closing costs in order to grab the attention of potential buyers.  This is particularly useful in a down market where buyers are trying to get the most out of a deal. You, as a seller, should leave no stone unturned to give the impression that you’re giving them one.

Another important tactic to try out is offering a transferable home warranty. It costs relatively less (around $300 to $400 for a one-year policy), but can make a formidable impact on the buyer. After all, an offer like that will help them feel more at ease given that they will now be covered from any unwarranted issues in the future.

Selling your home at a price the price you deserve requires some serious work. However, if you follow the tips above to turn your property into an attractive option for potential buyers and make some minor concessions at closing, the prospects of you securing a sweet deal is bound to increase by manifold.

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Why You Need to Know How to Stage Your Home

Selling a home has several factors that come into play, but knowing how to stage your home is one of the most important aspects influencing buyers. This may seem counterintuitive because what you really want is a fully functional house that will fit your needs for years to come.

Using Emotions

When you know how to stage your home, you tap into the buyers’ emotions. What we mean is, they see your home as something that the like and want because it is decorated in a way they wish their home will be. By appealing to their desire for a home like yours, they tend to favor your home over the others they’ve seen.

Even if the look isn’t exactly what they want in their household, the use of new and professional looking staging furniture will open their mind to what the space in your home is capable of. Instead of going into your property and seeing how things don’t match their needs, they’ll see what they would do to give it their own flavor.

It doesn’t matter where your home is located, appealing to your buyers’ emotions is the difference between selling your home and having endless open houses.

Opening Up Space

Considering is important when you’re planning how to stage your home. You want the furniture and décor to make your home appear bigger and more open. More often than not, people who do their own home staging overlook this critical element.

What we tend to see is because they aren’t going to be ready to move out until they sell the home, they don’t rearrange or remove items that clutter the look of the house. This is a huge mistake!

Everyone loves the unique twists that they put on their home to make it feel “homey.” Sadly, not everyone will like what you do with the place. We’ve seen some seriously wacky interior designs over the years, which is awesome when you’re living in it, but not when you’re trying to sell it.

When figuring out how to stage your home, remember that people may not have the same likes or interests as you. Knowing this, it might be a better idea to go with a professional to decorate your home, so it has a positive impact on the buyers first impression.

You’ll Sell Faster!

It has been tested for years, and a recent study shows that professionally staged homes spend up to 72% time on the market! That is a huge amount of time saved when you’re just ready to sell and move on. This means everyone makes more money.

When homes sell quicker, you can put your earnings toward something sooner, and your realtor will work less time to provide you with the service you wanted. This means everyone wins, and everyone is winning ahead of schedule!

The other reason most homes sell quicker is that knowing how to stage your home will get you higher quality offers. This is mostly because when you have appealed to the emotions of your buyers properly, they develop a “must have” mentality.

What we mean by that is, they will usually meet your asking price or shoot right around It instead of low balling you. Even better, when done right, you might have multiple buyers entering bids that might put you above your asking price!

This is the dream situation, and an excellent staging can be the difference between getting your asking price and above, or taking what you can get.

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How to Photograph Your Home for Sale in Coto de Caza

Learning how best to photograph your home for sale in Coto de Caza is probably the most important thing you can do after finding a good realtor. Granted, a good realtor should have a photography staff already on hand, but knowing how to best showcase your home if you’re putting up your own pictures is important.

There are some very quick and easy tasks that you can set out to do today that will hopefully give you a spike in interest as soon as you post your incredible photographs.

  1. Highlight the Space and Lighting

Optimizing your home for the most available light and space isn’t just important for the showings. Opening up and lighting the rooms of your home for sale in Coto de Caza is one of the most talked about and stressed points of photography.

Getting rid of or packing up some of your belongings to cut down on clutter is a huge help when you are behind the camera. It exaggerates the space in a home when fewer objects are cluttering up a shot.

Also, lighting is important and the best light you can have is natural light. If you have windows, get them open and unobstructed for your photo shoot. In the case of rooms with poor or no natural light, bright bulbs and a great flash will help create the same effect!

  1. Don’t Use Effects

Instagram has taught us that the filters and effects are the best things you can do to gain notoriety. Unfortunately, this doesn’t apply in real estate photography.

You want things looking as open and lit up as possible, but you don’t want to use artificial effects to do it. That includes using effects like the fisheye or wide lenses.

When you view a home online and it looks absolutely massive due to a wide lens or fisheye effect, and see that it is much smaller in person, you’ll be disappointed. Disappointment leads to buyers feeling lied to, and a lied to buyer is no longer a buyer.

False advertisement is one of the largest deterrents to a prospective buyer because it opens up a whole host of other questions about your credibility.

“If they’re willing to lie about the size of the house, I wonder if they’re lying about the condition of the foundation.” Replace foundation, with pipes, water heater, and anything else you can think of and that’s what is going on in the buyers’ mind.

Don’t sabotage your chances of selling your home by trying to present it as something that it isn’t. Instead, be honest and forthcoming about your home’s size. Just because it may be smaller, doesn’t mean that you can’t highlight other aspects of it. Tell them about the proximity to the beach, parks, schools, and how Dave next door has the best Super Bowl parties!

These are the things that sell a small house, the truth about how amazing it is to live near all the amazing things and people nearby.

  1. Hire a Professional

If you aren’t a professional photographer, chances are you aren’t going to be able to give your home the fair shake it deserves. When I go to weddings, I think my photographs are great!

Then I see the professional photographs and I quietly start deleting most of my photos off of my phone. The pros don’t just have better equipment, they are better versed in getting the best angle and lighting for any situation.

Even going through a photography course doesn’t mean that you’re magically going to take incredible photos. The difference between you and the professionals come down to one huge difference: tons and tons of experience!

When your job is to take photos, you do it very well. When you have an Instagram, you think you take pictures very well, but really, no one really does except the pros.

  1. Go 3D!

Having 3D images of your house may not be entirely the same as getting a photograph of your home for sale in Coto de Caza, but it is definitely something you should look into! Going 3D gives the buyer an opportunity to step inside your home without ever having to leave theirs.

This is something that has been proven to increase buyer interest, and it is starting to become more and more common. Because of this, some people don’t even consider going to look at a home unless they can do a 3D walkthrough of your home first.

Help is On the Way!

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4 House Staging Tips That Sell

Making your home look appealing is one of the most important things you can do to get your house sold, so you’ll likely need some house staging tips. We have more information on home staging than we could probably ever fit on paper, but there are a few broad strokes that will work wonders for your buyer’s interest levels.


Everyone thinks, “cleaning is a no-brainer” but we are talking specifically about clutter. Unfortunately for most, their prized possessions are actually cluttering up the look and feel of the home when we do a showing. Our advice is to start thinking about the home from an outside perspective, that of the potential buyers.

When you come into a home that you’re looking to possibly purchase, you typically don’t want to walk into a cramped looking home. Over time, the things we accumulate end up just taking up a significant amount of space that would be better left open for maneuvering. This is something that you should do for anyone coming into your home.

Opening up your home by decluttering the knickknacks will allow them to do two important things mentally: believe the home is bigger than it is, and start imagining their items cluttering everything up! That may sound silly, but it is exactly what people want to do when they purchase a home to make it feel like their own.

Make It Neutral

The color of your paint and decor can actually go a long way. These days, a lot more colors are considered to be neutral because of their ability to work well in any setting. I grew up with off-white walls, but nowadays tans, honey, and soft blue-greens have made a lasting mark on home staging decor.

One thing to note, the appeal of the home seems to go down with overly bright colored walls. This could be for a number of reasons, and honestly, research into the matter isn’t too clear, but for whatever reason, it acts as a repellent. So when you’re sprucing up your home, keep the colors warm and inviting rather than shocking and eye-catching to keep your interest levels higher.

Mix Your Walls Up

We mentioned keeping the walls simple for a great reason, what the color of the walls doesn’t do, artwork can! As far as house staging tips go, some well-placed artwork is a heavy hitter. Oddly enough, buyers often remember a home by a particular art piece, and even if the home doesn’t come with it, they mentally pretend it does.

The takeaway here is, use art to your full advantage. Buying different shapes of canvases like original and split canvas, contrasting themes, and unique color schemes to put in the rooms of your home is an absolute must. The eye appeal will increase the interest of any buyer.

A word of advice: if you don’t have any artwork and want to purchase some, get the help of your realtor to keep things looking classy. They also may have staging artwork, and that is a great option. Not only is it faster, but it’s more cost effective.

The biggest advantage to buying beautiful pieces yourself is that you get to keep them for your new home and keep that in mind when you’re shopping as well. These paintings should look good, but also be something that you’d want to see around every day in your new home.

Be A Little Odd

This is one of those house staging tips that makes you wonder how much time people put into researching the subject, but odd numbers sell better than even numbers. At least, when it comes to decorating your home for a staging. Why this is, we aren’t sure, but the fact is that it does sell.

Performing two showings with the same home, when the number of items on a table setting was changed from even to an odd number, it was better liked by clients. This seems to be the home staging secret that has eluded many people trying to do it on their own. It’s still a hard to believe fact, as most people prefer to buy items in round numbers. The proof shows, however, that even though we’d rather buy four plates, we’d rather see five items on a coffee table.

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